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Non-Azorius Contacts Table

For Azorius Functionary background

1d10 Contact
1Roll an additional Azorius contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
2The person who recruited me into the Azorius left and joined the Boros.
3I have a friendship with a Dimir agent who sometimes funnels me secrets about Azorius activities.
4A Golgari spore druid would love to see me slip up and break the law.
5A lesser Gruul chieftain seems to think I could be useful.
6The black sheep of my family is putting their maniacal genius to use in the Izzet.
7I'm friends with an Orzhov advokist; we compare notes on different forms of law magic.
8I was ridiculed once in a Rakdos performance; the performer was impressed with my good humor about it and now does me occasional favors.
9I have a fanatical Selesnya cousin who keeps trying to recruit me and everyone else in the family.
10While growing up, I was bullied by a brat who's now a hybrid in the Simic Combine.

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