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Azorius Contacts Table

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1As a teenager, I was a page for a prominent judge.
2One of my childhood friends is now a precognitive mage in service of the guild.
3I joined the Azorius hoping to impress an arrester whom I admire.
4My former mentor is now a warden at Udzec, the new Azorius prison.
5I was second best at everything in my legal training, and now I work with the person who was always just a little bit better.
6A good friend was promoted into work they can't tell me about.
7I know a homunculus in the halls of New Prahv who can get things done behind the scenes.
8I was once summoned to the presence of Supreme Judge Isperia, the guildmaster of the Azorius, who complimented me on my work.

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