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Incubation: 1 hour
Potency: Varies with concentration. Listed as 1 / 4 hours or 3 per hour.
Decay: 3 days (must not be re-exposed)
Scratch: Laboured breathing, slight dizziness.
Light Injury: Breathing is difficult. Spots of black liquid is coughed up. Dizziness is enough to disrupt complex tasks.
Serious Injury: Breathing is raspy and comes in short, sharp breaths. A serious cough takes hold. Black liquid forms on any mucus membrane, giving a black, viscous leakage from the eyes, nose and mouth. Vertigo causes nausea and dizziness.
Fatal injury: The state of the character rapidly degenerates as the toxic effects of Shade take hold. Within an hour, the coughing is so extreme that it completely incapacitates the subject. The goo that is coughed up mixes with blood within four hours. The character dies of suffocation from the black goo within 6 to 10 hours, unless treated.

Shadow Corruption is a dangerous state that affect anyone who is exposed to Shade energies, commonly found in shadow scars or city ruins where shadow plants were in use. The shade energies slowly corrupt the surroundings and depending on concentration of shade, it can be downright lethal to visit these places.

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