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NameThe Neptune typeFree Merchant
hp20 ac14
armor2 speed3
power1/10 mass0/15
crew min max1/6 hull classFrigate
weaponsReaper Battery (3d4 Clumsy: -4 to hit fighter hulls) (4 Power, 1 Mass, 1 Hard Point) Reaper Battery: Stepped tapping of the spike drive power plant allows for the emission of a torrent of charged particles. The particles have very little armor penetration, but can fry a small ship’s power grid in a strike or two.   Sand Thrower (2d4 Flak, advantage on hit and damage to fighters) (3 Power, 1 Mass, 1 Hard Point) Sandthrower: Projecting a spray of tiny, dense particulate matter, sandthrowers are highly effective against lightly-armored fighters.
fittingsDrive-2 Upgrade (2 Power, 2 Mass)   Fuel Bunkers (holds one extra unit of fuel for drills) (1 Mass)   Smugglers Hold (Well hidden cargo space, 2 tons) (1 Mass)   Cargo Hold (140 tons) (7 Mass)   Atmospheric configuration (allows landing) (2 Mass)
cost850k, 42.5k half cycle maintenance
crew crew skill
cargoFull Fuel and Bunkers npc cp
notesDebt: 600k at 5% per half cycle   144,100 credits   6 vacc suits

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