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Moves Like a Cat

You are extremely dexterous. Your speed and agility make you almost a thing of wonder. Your body is lithe, flexible, and graceful. Your training—or perhaps a bit of magic or technology—allows you to move quickly and smoothly, land safely when you fall, and avoid danger.   You likely wear tight clothing that doesn’t hinder you as you move. Likewise, you probably don’t allow yourself to be overburdened by a lot of equipment. You’ll wear armor only if it doesn’t slow you down.


Choose one of the following:
Roll the Dice
1Pick one other PC. His occasional clumsiness and loud behavior irritates you.
2Pick one other PC. This character comes from the same place you do, and you knew each other as children.
3Pick one other PC. You aid her with advice and a helping hand when she needs it. Anytime the two of you are next to each other, the difficulty of balancing, climbing, and jumping tasks is decreased by one step for her.
4Pick one other PC. He owes you a significant amount of money.

Additional Equipment

Ability Effects Suggestions

Minor Effect Suggestion

You restore 2 points to your Speed Pool.

Major Effect Suggestion

You can take a second action this round.


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Cypher System

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