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Trentin C Bergeron

Member Since: 20 Apr, 2018


Bard, Dreamer & RPG Enthusiast

Dark Portals

• 1 Campaign • 4 Characters •

Interests & Hobbies

RPGs (Tabletop)

Favorite Movies

Alien Franchise, Star Wars Franchise, Star Trek Franchise, Harry Potter Franchise, Neverending Story, Marvel Franchise, DC Franchise, Princess Bride, Tron, 28 Days Later, World War Z, Independence Day, Deep Core, Armageddon, Die Hard Franchise, The Matrix (I), John Wick series...

Favorite TV Series

Buffy, Angel, Handmaid's Tale, Killjoys, Dark Matter, Strike Back, Stargate anything,

Favorite Games

Carcasonne, Dungeon Lords, Small World, Ticket to Ride Europe | RPGs: HERO 6e, GURPS 4e, Savage Worlds, Chronicles of Darkness, D&D 5e, Powered by the Apocalypse

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