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Nichole Roach | Member Since 10 Aug, 2018
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I've been writing since 2nd grade, but I've only recently began serious work on my novel, The Guardians of Elyon (working title).   I'm a married mother of two with a degree in Creative Writing that's not doing me any good.     I love RPGs, but can't find any local groups.     My husband says I'm great at dialogue, but need work on my action (I can't write fight scenes for the life of me).     I love building my world and can't wait to see what it becomes

Interests & Hobbies

reading, sleeping, gaming

Favorite Movies

Labyrinth, Princess Bride, Peter Pan(2003), Beauty and the Beast, The Last Unicorn, Star Wars, John Wick

Favorite TV Series

Outlander, Big Bang Theory, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, The Mandalorian, School Spirits

Favorite Books

Jane Eyre, Harry Potter, The Wheel of Time series, ASOIAF, Outlander series, The Dragonriders of PERN series

Favorite Writers

Robert Jordan, Diana Gabaldon, Anne McCaffrey

Favorite Games

Uncharted, Zelda, Pokemon, ACNH, SWTOR


Latest Loved work

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