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7 Sep, 2018 05:07

Thanks for Following.

7 Sep, 2018 05:48

Thanks for the follow lad.

7 Sep, 2018 14:36

Thanks for following.

7 Sep, 2018 16:02

Thank you for the like and the follow ^ ^!

7 Sep, 2018 23:10

I see you've gotten a million of these, but I appreciate the follow!

8 Sep, 2018 01:19

Thanks for the likes and follow

8 Sep, 2018 20:05

Thanks for following!

9 Sep, 2018 08:01

glade you liked the dwarfs. i think they are one of the least generic of my campaign world. how did you like how i presented the history? i thought it would peek the readers curiosity. not much is known about the world so i thought the how i wrote the history would compliment it. oh yeah and also thanks for the like. i got a bunch more in draft that i am still working on.

12 Sep, 2018 00:59

Hello follower. I’m now letting followers have a option to choose what will be the next article. If you want something relating to that universe. I’m open to suggestions.

12 Sep, 2018 08:04

Thx for the following

15 Sep, 2018 02:54

Make turkey Byzantine again....and thanks for the follow.

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