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Amiga Disk File (Zipped) | Member Since 12 Dec, 2019
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Trash from Wattpad that decided to write more about the story's world than what the characters know. Enjoy my actual world and my trashbin (affectionate)!   Names I use are Soda/Sodalite, Amiga Disk File (Zipped), DiFi (Dee-Fee), Alyx, Adrian, Jay, Doc, Vox, Gordon, Love, and Melody.   Apapronomial. Go ahead, refer to me /lh (I don't care what pronouns you use for me)

Interests & Hobbies

Art, fanfiction

Favorite TV Series

Marble Hornets, HLVRAI (if that counts), Wandavision

Favorite Games

Half-Life 2, Portal 2


Latest Loved work