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hi i'm cal, i like eldritch monsters and john steinbeck.

Interests & Hobbies

surreal horror in general (i really like this house has people in it, for instance), d&d, the yogscast but ESPECIALLY HAT FILMS, youtube video essays (contrapoints is my fave, hbomberguy is also good)

Favorite Movies

no country for old men, the big short, summer wars, blazing saddles, the hunchback of notre dame (disney version)

Favorite TV Series

rick and morty, soul eater, pop team epic, devilman crybaby, total drama, house m.d., mob psycho 100, (not technically tv shows but still very good: children of the mirror, don't hug me i'm scared)

Favorite Books

cannery row by john steinbeck, warrior cats I GUESS, uhh.... does homestuck count?

Favorite Writers

john steinbeck.....   and andrew hussie.

Favorite Games

doki doki literature club, the portal franchise, the halo franchise, skyrim, just about anything involving pokemon

Latest Loved work