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I'm passionate about anything story. However, because I often struggle to see my projects to completion, I'm still a relatively inexperienced writer.   Before I considered myself a writer, I was a worldbuilder. Joining WorldAnvil is how I've decided to return to my roots and have fun while honing my skills.   I look forward to being a part of this amazingly creative and vibrant community.   I enjoy telling stories in different genres, but it's all speculative fiction. As a fan of genre blends, I'm currently working on an underground vampire dystopia with gothic elements. I'm also reworking my first worldbuilding project, a high magic, epic fantasy world about dreams, dragons, portals, and conflicts that endanger the balance of the universe itself. Lastly, I'm revisiting yet another old project, closely linked to the latter, but with a cozier feel and of much smaller scale.

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