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Patrick Brand | Member Since 24 Feb, 2018
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I'm a professional video game developer (specifically, a programmer) who is working on his own tactical RPG in scant spare time. I'd like to spin out a lot of sequels for Vindis Saga Tactics, so I'm therefore investing what I hope is a herculean amount of effort into one setting.

Interests & Hobbies

Android: Netrunner, AI, game development, international politics, economics, conlang

Favorite Movies

Directors: Takeshi Kitano, Takashi Miike, David Lynch, Denis Villeneuve

Favorite TV Series

Mr. Robot, Game of Thrones, Fortitude, Ghost in the Shell, Berserk

Favorite Writers

Milton, Chomsky, Asimov, RR Martin, Matsuno, J Sawyer

Favorite Games

Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Civilization, Harvest Moon, Fire Emblem

Latest Loved work

SIGMAR's Temple

The Ceylon

'The Dwellings of Wrong'

Ves Palu

The Wardens - Rise of the Four