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KC Leannan | Member Since 17 Feb, 2019
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I'm an author of Gamelit/LitRPG and epic fantasy (which I write under a different name). The Unmade Lands Online is my first LitRPG series and I'm hoping to start publishing it in 2020.

Favorite Movies

the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, most of the MCU, John Wick, Die Hard, The Fifth Element.

Favorite TV Series

Currently really enjoying Umbrella Academy and I have an unholy love for Big Mouth and The Orville. Also watching NCIS, NCIS NOLA, Bull, Into the Badlands, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist (not as good as the others, but still enjoyed Season 1 a lot; season 2 was a bit too slow for me), Marvel's Defenders, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Salvation...and some others, too, probably. I can't remember them all off the top of my head.

Favorite Games

World of Warcraft, Stardew Valley, Journey, Plague Inc: Evolved, DLC Quest, Fez, Endless Space, Civ V, Civ IV, Civ III, Civ: Beyond Earth, Stellaris, West of Loathing, Terraria, Little Inferno, Mark of the Ninja, Final Fantasy X, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Goat Simulator.   I also really enjoyed the hour or so of No Man's Sky I got in before it made me vomit.


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