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James H. Jenkins | Member Since 22 Oct, 2018
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Digital Space Artist. Science Fiction and Fantasy Author, and Cartographer. SFRPG and Fantasy RPG Gamemaster. I have sailed the planet, and am now retired, living in Northern Thailand, where I study languages and write.

Interests & Hobbies

Worldbuilding, Physics, Scholarly Buddhism, Language Study

Favorite Movies

Bladerunner, Moon, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek

Favorite TV Series

Game of Thrones, Designated Survivor, Outlander

Favorite Books

Lord of the Rings, Stephen R. Donaldson's "Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever" Series.

Favorite Writers

William H. Keith, Usula K. LeGuin, Arthur C. Clarke

Favorite Games

Traveller (Mongoose) RPG, One Ring the RPG. Tide Of Iron: Next Wave WW2 Minis, D&D 5th Edition. FFG Star Wars RPG Trilogy.

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