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Mo Lozano | Member Since 9 Apr, 2019
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I'm a 34 year old writer and illustrator from La Puente, California. I'm using world anvil to create an emersive database for the comic book universe I'm creating. Here you will find profiles on all my characters, locations, events, and more! Be sure to check back often as I will adding to the database as more of my stories are released.

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, Illustrating, world building.

Favorite Movies

Resevoir Dogs, Rushmore, Unforgiven, The Dark Knight, Dumb and Dumber, They Live, Night of the Living Dead, LA Confidential, Punch Drunk Love, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Favorite Writers

Stephen King, Geroge Orwell, Aldous Huxley, JRR Tolkein, Isaac Asimov

Favorite Games

GTA, Red Dead Redemtion, Skyrim, Fallout, No Man's Sky



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