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A little about me, I was first introduced to rpging at the age of ten years old. This was D&D's red box back in the mid 80's. Next year at age 11, I got my own D&D red box and have been GMing ever since. The love of rpging still burns bright to this day.   I have been a player on occasion but my one true passion in rpgin is GMing. I do so to tell a tale woven by all those involved in our rpg campaigns. It is this shared vision & interweaving of the players stories & mine that give me great joy to create together as we play.   I am a sandbox style GM that plants plenty of story hooks on fairly detailed maps. I also usually run campaigns that the players are movers & shakers in their local region.   Heavily influenced by AD&D Birthright, World of Greyhawk, D&D the red arrow, black shield module for the World of Mystara, Dragonlance Dragons of Glory.   Rpg's that I have run or played in -  

  • D&D 1st ed.
  • AD&D.
  • MERPS.
  • Star Wars west end d6.
  • Renegade Legion, FASA.
  • Mechwarrior rpg 1st ed, FASA.
  • Mechwarrior rpg 2nd ed, FASA.
  • Mechwarrior rpg 3rd ed, FASA.
  • Warhammer Fantasy 1st ed.
  • Riddle of Steel rpg.
  • Legend of the Five rings 1st ed, AEG.
  • Legend of the Five rings 2nd ed, AEG.
  • Legend of the Five rings 3rd ed, AEG.
  • Legend of the Five rings, FFG.
  • Savage Worlds, Hellfrost, weird wars rome, weird wars 2,
  • Genesys rpg, FFG.
  • Star Wars Edge of the Empire, FFG.
  • Star Wars Age of Rebellion, FFG.
  • Star Wars Force & Destiny, FFG.
  • Conan 2d20 In an Age undreamed of, Modiphius.
  • Star Trek Adventures 2d20, Modiphius.
  I use World Anvil for online rpging in conjunction with Fantasy Grounds. I currently have 5 world settings but all set to private for my gaming groups.   I am very happy with World Anvil keeping a track of my ongoing rpg campaigns.   Cheers.