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Douglas Wheeler | Member Since 20 Jul, 2018
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A short snippet about myself, I am a D&D player have been for a while and most likely will be for a while. I am an avid reader of fiction some of my favorite works are the Dresden files, the codex of Alera, Harry Potter, Rick Riordan works, and many others. I have degrees in history, anthropology and archaeology. Currently I teach at an elementary school and enjoy writing in my off time. My current project is the world of Hezvarim, I made it as a living campaign for a group of individuals that I play with. This is for two reasons one I can write about their adventures and possibly turn it into a book. And the second is it is a great outlet for my creative mind.

Favorite Movies

Twister, the 13th warrior, the hobbit and Lord of the rings,

Favorite TV Series

Stargate, burn notice, the 2018 Sabrina, daredevil

Favorite Books

The Dresden files, the Codex of Alera, Harry Potter, classical history books and pretty much any other book that catches my fancy.

Favorite Games

I am an RPG player so any tabletop game I've played and enjoyed playing. One of my favorites is descent the gateway drug to most paper-based RPG's.

Latest Loved work

Gamemaster Workflow Guide

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