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Sam | Member Since 30 Dec, 2018
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Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Sci-fi, I love all of it!

Interests & Hobbies

Literate RP, Architecture, Criminology

Favorite Movies

Star Wars (I-VI)

Favorite TV Series

The Witcher, ATLA, Mo Dao Zhu Shi, Naruto: Shippuden, Star Wars the Clone Wars, Versailles, Critical Role

Favorite Books

Eragon, The Tiger's Daughter, The Bone Roses, The Hobbit

Favorite Writers

Christopher Paolini, K. Arsenault Rivera, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Patrick Weeks

Favorite Games

The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Skyrim, Overwatch, Dragon Age 2, Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Red Dead Redemption 2

Latest Loved work

January 1, 1691 Monday - Devil and Mr Jones