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Eternal Sage


D. B. Goodin | Member Since 7 Oct, 2019
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D. B. Goodin has had a passion for writing since grade school. After publishing several non-fiction books, Mr. Goodin ventured into the craft of fiction to teach Cybersecurity concepts in a less intimidating fashion. Mr. Goodin works as a Principal Cybersecurity Analyst for a major software company based in Silicon Valley and holds a Masters in Digital Forensic Science from Champlain College.

Interests & Hobbies

Photography, hiking, walking surfing, and reading

Favorite Movies

Jaws Star Wars

Favorite TV Series

Wheel of Time

Favorite Books

The Stand Eye of the World Intensity Pines Daemon Temple of the Winds

Favorite Writers

Stephen King Dean Koontz Neil Stephenson William Gibson Blake Crouch Daniel Suarez Terry Goodkind

Favorite Games

Ultima Zork Warcraft Diablo Starcraft World of Warcraft


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