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Vibes Of Euphoria

ari macquarie | Member Since 20 Jun, 2020
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note: i'm lowkey going through a lot of tough stuff right now and don't plan on being active every day. i'll try my best to get all my novel notes on here as soon as possible but please for the love of gods bear with me.  

  • student
  • romance & dystopian writer
  • poet
  • traditional artist
  • outdoor enthusiast
  • queer, they/them
  • i swear to god hozier is a siren but no one listens to me
  • the birds work for the bourgeoisie

Favorite Movies

uhh i'm not much of a movie person

Favorite TV Series

  • steven universe
  • gravity falls
  • avatar the last airbender
  • beastars

Favorite Books

    feel free to check out my goodreads!

Favorite Writers

    feel free to check out my goodreads!

Favorite Games

  • night in the woods
  • firewatch
  • animal crossing
  • dungeons & dragons


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