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A. L. Winkler

Member Since: 8 Jul, 2018

I'm an avid reader, writer, and swimmer. A nurse by profession, I have been involved in many different spheres including corrections, plasma procurement, facilities, and medication assisted treatment. I live in Baltimore, Maryland with kids, grandkids, and a dog. I love football.

Interests & Hobbies

I was really big into internet gaming until my computer puked.

Favorite Movies

Star Wars, Star Trek, Hot Fuzz, Blazing Saddles, Ronin, Heat, Se7ven, Wonder Woman, The Secretary.

Favorite TV Series

Band of Brothers, The Blacklist, Star Trek...I'm not much of a TV person TBH

Favorite Books


Favorite Writers

Anne Rice, Anne McCafferey, Melanie Rawn, Andre Norton, Ursula LeGuin, Mercedes Lackey

Favorite Games

Risk is my favorite game. Everything else is secondary. I play Immortal Conquest on Global 44.

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