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Urkytastic | Member Since 24 May, 2019
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Hoi, I exist! As a novice worldbuilder and writer, I hope you can forgive my lack of skill. The big project I am working at is "Travelers - World of Edgan," and I estimate it will take around 5 years to complete if I stay diligent. I plan on working on other worlds during that period too, but who knows how they will turn out?

Interests & Hobbies

Learning about myself, art, life, and everything this world has to offer... from the inside of my home. Through a screen. Yup.

Favorite Movies

Can never decide.

Favorite TV Series

Too many to list

Favorite Books

The Resistors series, Gone series (and the sequel Monster series), Pendragon series, Animorphs series, and many more. Recommend to check them out, but if you don't that's fine. Also, if I have bad tastes then I will cry... Not really tho.

Favorite Writers

It's too difficult for me to remember author names, so base them off the list of my favorite books.

Favorite Games

LoZ: BotW, several Mario games, Fortnite (don't hate me pls),, Undertale, Deltarune, The Sims 4, and countless others.