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I love creating stories as a hobby. Not particularly great at it, but It's just fun coming up with ideas. Wanted to get away from all my pen and paper notes and start consolidating everything into one place.   Hello everyone! UnagiLogic here, I've had a passion for gaming my entire life. I enjoy writing material for a world and campaign I've been working on for several years and started using WorldAnvil to place the world online (as a hobby). I've recently gotten into AI image generation and currently use Midjourney. I've also been developing a card game for some years now and have started alpha testing!   Join in on my Discord as I improve things, chat me up, and if you use Midjourney, come explore the possibilities with me! Don't be shy, we can be awkward together!  


Pokemon | Umbreon, Anime | Bakamonogatari Series, Book | Lies of Locke Lamora, Character| Oshino Shinobu, Dessert | Mochi!, Youtuber | Viva La Dirt League, Favorite slang to use incorrectly | That slaps!  


Video Games, Card/Board Games, World Building, AI Generation  

Other Activities

Card Game Development, Learning Japanese

Favorite TV Series

Bakamonogatari - All seasons all the gatari

Favorite Books

Lies of Locke Lamora, Sapians, The Warded Man

Favorite Writers

The community~, Myself, Scott Lynch

Favorite Games

Board Games

Wingspan, City of Kings, Gloomhaven, Coup, Cult Following | The One True Game, Codenames, Here to Slay, Ark Nova, Monstrology, For Sale, Canvas, Heart of Crown, + More  

Video Games

Tales of Vesperia, Hunt: Showdown, League of Legends, Valheim, Dark Souls, Stardew Valley, Slime Rancher, Fall Guys, Animal Crossings, Elden Ring, Monster Hunter World, Pokemon