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Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy reading, although I don't do that as often as I'd like to anymore. I also obviously enjoy writing and am aiming to do it more often. Beyond that, I spend most of my time vibing with friends.

Favorite Movies

I was big fan of Harry Potter growing up and I'm also a huge fan of The Grinch, regardless of whether it's Christmas or not. Other than that I love the John Wick movies and I think that Tom Hanks and Robin Williams have done very few bad movies, if any.

Favorite TV Series

I'm pretty basic, so I enjoy Crime Dramas like Criminal Minds and I used to watch a lot of CSI with my parents. Like most nerds, I really like The Witcher and, while I'm not sure which category it should be in, I love the Sharpe series (they're TV Movies, so I'm not sure what they'd count as). I'm also looking forward to seeing how the Inheritance Cycle series turns out.

Favorite Books

Again, Harry Potter is up there due to nostalgia, but I'm also a big fan of The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini and the Age of Five trilogy by Trudi Canavan.

Favorite Writers

I like Trudi Canavan, author of The Black Magician and Age of Five trilogies. Both can feel pretty samey, but I enjoy them regardless. I also enjoy Christopher Paolini's work as well as George RR Martin (when he actually releases his work).

Favorite Games

I love the Witcher series, having forced myself to play all 3 (There's nothing wrong with Witcher 2, but the first game aged like milk. The story is good, but the gameplay isn't great and it can be difficult to motivate yourself to play all the way through, especially early on). Beyond that I'm a big fan of RPGs as a whole, like Dragon Age, Mass Effect and KoTOR (yes, I was/am a Bioware stan), and I also play alot of MMOs. In my time I've played various free to play MMOs, tried several free trials, and paid a subscription for others. The most notable examples are SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, WoW, and my personal favourite, FFXIV.