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Caleb Ball | Member Since 23 Apr, 2018
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Quick little infomercial on me..Ive been working on the world of Elran for roughly 2 years now, and have developing it in great depth, and am continuing my journey and making this world as fluent and real as possible. I am writing a novel that will reveal a large part of the history of the world, reshaping it as whole!

Interests & Hobbies

Im definitely a huge world builder. However, I have only created one. I try to not distract myself by creating others, I find it helps to focus on one world, as you can really put time and effort into it. Im also a writer, and I am in the very slow process of writing a novel which, as you guessed, is based in the world that I have been creating!

Favorite Movies

Favorite movies.. hmmm... All the marvel movies, huge fan of them! The Blade Runner movies are fantastic as well!

Favorite TV Series

Uhmm.. assuming this is television series, definitely the Office. Love that show to death. Also Prison Break, great series.

Favorite Books

My favorite book series(and what got me interested into writing) is the Rangers Apprentice series. Another great series which helped inspire me to do a darker type of story instead of 'hero saves the world' is the Young Elite series!

Favorite Writers

John Flanagan, author of Rangers Apprentice. I just love him. Hes a perfect example of an author who can get you super attached to characters, has amazing plot,and great imagery without having to be so overly detailed!.

Favorite Games

Ooo, tough one. I love the Elder Scrolls games. Oblivion for sure, and ESO is a game Im on alot, due to roleplaying. I love DnD, and card games!

Latest Loved work