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Tally the Canny | Member Since 19 Feb, 2019
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Having Dungeon Mastered since 12 years old, another 12 years later I'm finally beginning to put all my ideas in one place for easy access. After living in Japan for a year working, I've returned to my home in the UK to undertake a PhD as a Lovecraftian scholar whilst running a campaign at my local board game cafe.   Feel free to draw inspiration from my work.

Interests & Hobbies

I sing classical and jazz, and play the trumpet. I enjoy long walks in nature. I wish I had more time for map-making, D&D, and gaming.

Favorite Writers

H. P. Lovecraft, Sylvia Plath, Garth Nix.

Favorite Games

Old School Runescape, Undertale, Myst, Darkest Dungeon, Dragon Age: Origins, Pokemon, Civilization V, Minecraft.

Latest Loved work

Post-Combustion Stress Disorder