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4 Apr, 2019 08:20

Thank you so much! I'm glad that world has its first follower, I hope it works for you!

@ SpriteLady
Sprite Fright
6 Apr, 2019 05:52

You're welcome!! I mostly followed not only because it sounds interesting; but I can't get this silly image of stereotypical real life truckers with sci-fi enhancements. The humor for this could just be me though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   Either way, I'll be happy to see more stuff from this world on the ol' dashboard.

@ SpriteLady
Sprite Fright
6 Apr, 2019 05:56

I hope you don't mind me with my video joke here; but the idea is that I'm picturing your truckers acting like this ((which is extremely silly in the best way possible)). But now the scenario of this has now transcended into space.

7 Apr, 2019 21:02

Oh! No! I can't see this at all! That sucks. I bet it was really funny. Do not worry. I am completely aware of how outrageous my world is. And most things like this are inherently funny. So please, as long as it's in good faith feel free to smile and laugh. I promise I'll laugh with you because when the novel is complete, you'll have plenty reason to laugh. Hopefully with me.   ^_____^

2 Apr, 2019 20:29

hi! just wanted to say thanks for the follow! I look forward to seeing anything you put out!

@ SpriteLady
Sprite Fright
3 Apr, 2019 06:01

You're welcome!!   And thanks! I still gotta take that plunge of getting my first thing set up; but thank you nonetheless!!

2 Apr, 2019 05:23

Thanks for following! ^^

Visit Miand'Mésvéstell Chronicles. "Look upon the stars, and you will see the light of the past."
@ SpriteLady
Sprite Fright
2 Apr, 2019 19:42

You're very welcome!! :D   The instantaneous SECOND I saw the whole Plague Doctor stuff I had to follow. They're probably one of my all-time favorite weird things from world history to learn about; so whenever I see 'em in fiction I just zero-in on it like a nerdy torpedo.

7 Mar, 2019 08:04

Thank you very much for the follow on my Lesho Region. Just gonna let you know that it's currently paused in favor of my DnD campaign and its world. If you wanna be informed when I resume it, feel free to join the discord server (linked at the bottom of every article in the world).

@ SpriteLady
Sprite Fright
1 Apr, 2019 06:34

You're welcome!! I'm still relatively new around this site and had zero clue as to how to navigate to find the good stuff.   So seeing a Pokemon fanregion pop p up in the search engine was what I'd like to think of as a sign that I'll be able to stumble upon cool worldbuilding content after all.   And HECK. Maybe I'll eventually stick up my own pocket monster headcanon and world in the future.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe it'll distract me from waiting for your updates, amiright?? XD   If your D&D campaign stuff also has an anvil page that I could spelunker around in would be rad too.

1 Apr, 2019 16:20

There is a WA page for it, but it's pretty messy, part English and part German, and contains very incomplete information. That's why I turned it private.
And if you do manage to get a Pokémon headcanon started, feel free to let me know, and I'll check it out.


Interests & Hobbies

Poetry! Also making characters for original or fandom purposes, and various other fun or silly hobbies. And memes. All the memes. All of them.

Favorite Movies

• The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly • Lilo & Stitch • Lord of The Rings ((I still haven't seen the last movie though, WHOOPS))

Favorite TV Series

• Twin Peaks • Avatar The Last Airbender • More D&D shows than you can shake a stick at

Favorite Books

• His Dark Materials • Homestuck • Journey to the Center of the Earth • The Underneath • Saga • The Giver

Favorite Writers

• Phillip Pullman • Lois Lowry • Sylvia Plath • Edgar Allen Poe • ..... If I listed them all you'd be reading this list for the next month or two. XD

Favorite Games

• Pokémon ((LOL, obviously)) ► Faves being Colosseum, Gale of Darkness, Platinum, HGSS, and SUMO • Fire Emblem ► Faves from FE being FE7 and Awakening • Splatoon 2 • Stardew Valley • Minecraft • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door • Super Paper Mario • Silent Hill 2

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