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Member Since 22 Apr, 2019
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I am a Russian guy who is into dogs, music and vampires. And worldbuilding, of course.
My primary world here is Magnipelago. It's also the only one with actual articles in it. It's a magicless fantasy setting of islands floating in the air, designed to have a 16th century European vibe. If that sounds like something you may be into, feel free to check out what I've got there.

Favorite TV Series

ATLA, Over the Garden Wall, The Clone Wars

Favorite Books

Book Thief, War and Peace, Metro 2033

Favorite Games

Mass Effect, Ori and the Blind Forest/Ori and the Will of the Wisps, NieR:Automata, Banner Saga, Warframe, Stellaris


Latest Loved work

Endured Wrath

Spoken Era


Krigan Empire