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#BestiaryFebruary Entry - GORRGRIFF


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Chibi Me 3 by Robyn Rose

Interests & Hobbies

Linguistics & Languages; Writing; Console-gaming; Trying out numerous creative outlets, World-building, CSS, Learning about anything & everything.

Favorite Movies

Ninja Terminator, Jin-Roh, The VVitch, GW: Endless Waltz, Vampire Hunter D & Bloodlust, Snatch, (millions more xD just ask)

Favorite TV Series

*(I've watched Netflix a lot, just ask)* Sailor Moon; Revolutionary Girl Utena; Wolf's Rain; Neon Genesis Evangelion; Cowboy Bebop; Star Trek:TNG;

Favorite Books

The Gnostics, Gospel of Judas (Brakke transl.), White Wolf: OWoD (anything), Romeo & Juliet, et al.

Favorite Writers

Dr. David Brakke, Terry Brooks, Shakespeare, Tolkien

Favorite Games

Video Games

Frostpunk, The Order 1886, Populous(snes), Final Fantasy 6/7/8, Elder Scrolls/Fallout series, Sims 3&4, the Zelda games, Legend of Dragoon, VtM: Bloodlines&Redemption(pc)/Swansong&Coteries of New York&Shadows of New York(ps4), Werewolf the Apocalypse:Earthblood&Heart of the Forest(ps4), Hunter the Reckoning&HtR:Wayward(ps2), the Resident Evil saga (from PS1&Gameboy up to present), the 1st 3 Silent Hills(ps1&ps2), Nightmare Creatures 1&2(ps1), lots more.  

Various CCGs

  Magic the Gathering, L5R, VtM:Jyhad/Gehenna & the newer 5e style, Overpower(marvel, dc, image), WtA:Rage, Wyvern, Barbarians, Star Wars, Star Trek:TNG, etc.  


  D&D, AD&D, 3, 3.5, 4, 5E, Old World of Darkness (all but Demon & Orpheus), New World of Darkness(req/for/awa/vig/geist/prometheus/changeling), Vampire 5E(modiphius), Rifts, Shadowrun 4E, L5R, Conan:adventures, Star Trek:adventures, Nibiru, more.


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