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21 May, 2019 19:07

Hey Chris! Many thanks for referring me to World Anvil. You were spot on! This platform is just what I need to facilitate building the world(s) within my science fiction and fantasy series. This will definitely take some time as I am just beginning to create graphic images to support my series. The world reference capability this platform provides is incredible! I'm going to spend some time within your Magitech Chronicles world and order your books. Do you sell signed copies? Like Jaime, I've been watching your YouTube videos and Derek Murphy's YouTube videos. Anyway, thanks again and I'll follow up with you once I have built some of my world(s). Allen

15 May, 2019 23:50

Hey Chris. Excited to see you on WA....been watching you YouTube channel for some time and wanted to reach out with a welcome =)

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20 May, 2019 23:24

Hey, Jaime! I just learned there was a comments section lol. Thanks for the warm welcome. This site is so amazing. I've been building like a fiend =)

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