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Retry | Member Since 17 Jan, 2019
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Welcome, Internet Traveller!   I haven't the foggiest why you chose to come here but I welcome you all the same! My name is Retry! Like most of the worldsmith about this place, I am an avid daydreamer.   After stumbling my way into the site by almost pure accident and watching my first world crash in a brilliant gout of flames. I realized: "That was fun!" The...the building part - not the whole screaming demise of a world into flames and- ANYWAYS! Yeah.   I am an IT profession and father of three young children. I also happen to be a ForeverGM on an internet rpg forum where I cut my teeth learning various systems like dnd5e, CoC7e, Genesys, Numenera, and Cypher by extension. I have seen many lands flare to life in brillant colors only to be snuffed out without warning. As is the nature of pbp play haha.   I am happy to be here and have been loving seeing the sheer degree of creativity that has come from this community!

Interests & Hobbies

I am a weather enthusist and Storm Spotter for my local area. I also really enjoy learning how geography affects culture and vice versa.   When I am not working, taking care of my kids, or stuck with my head in the clouds; I tend to play my instruments. Currently I am attempting to learn the Violin.

Favorite TV Series

Last Exile, Trigun, Band of Brothers, Made in the Abyss, Cosmos

Favorite Books

Jurrasic Park, Dark Tower Series, Field Guide to Weather

Favorite Games

Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Beseria, Persona Series, Final Fantasy XIV, Pokemon Soul Silver, Fallout New Vegas, Subnautica