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Favorite Movies

I like light action adventure movies, think the original Star Wars trilogy level. Die Hard movies and James Bond can be good too. Marvel origin story movies are great. Chick flicks not so much.

Favorite TV Series

Doctor Who is my favourite series. Some episodes and seasons are better than others, but I love all versions of the Doctor - just not equally.

Favorite Books

Jack Reacher books are favourites at the moment. I like historical romances as well, although modern romances are a little boring.

Favorite Writers

Jane Austen is a favourite - my chick-lit has to be previous centuries or at least set in the past to be of any interest. Barbara Cartland was a staple in my teenage years as light reading (some were better than others). Lee Child is great, Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher not so great. Good to see the books in action, but the books are so much better.

Favorite Games

Minecraft is my favourite computer game (survival - peacetime). My monster killing game is low and I get bored if I have everything given to me. I think I would like the Sims if I could get into it.   Possibly going to investigate rpg games in the future. I am studying, looking for work, and trying to finish my first draft of my first story so rpg will be a future project.