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Patrick Ryan Kennedy

Patrick Ryan Kennedy | Member Since 25 Dec, 2017
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The Democratic Socialist Federation of Yytuskia

Terra, the Mothering Planet (Epoch Julius 2000)

Hi there!   I'm Patrick, although I usually go by my Discord name Kaiser Peter the Second, or my penname Kennedy P. R. I'm an aspiring author who's trying to get all of his jumbled thoughts onto somewhere before I can actually manage to get a plot written up. The world I'm working on isn't so much as a world, but rather, a country in a world with other countries sprinkled in. I came over here from, so what I'm writing about is only owned by me and built by me over a period of around 6-years.   I'm also a gamer, so you might want to check out my Twitch channel when I start broadcasting Cities:Skylines, because that's when I work on regional lore for my world, like cities, geographical locations, culture, etc. Also - since I'm pretty sure I have Dis-associative Identity Disorder, even though no one believes me - there's also this dingus, Cazador, with me. Say hi Caz.   (Yo. I'm Caz, I don't really show up often, but you could maybe find me on the Twitch streams or on Discord in Boss' place once in a blue moon. Don't expect much from though, I don't like writing. That's all I guess.)

Interests & Hobbies

Video games, weapon design, writing, anime, fanfiction, and music.

Favorite Writers

Harry Turtledove


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