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Failing to realize my dream of ruling the world at a young age, I decided to build one instead.

Interests & Hobbies

Poker, NFL, Trivia contests, Role-playing, and Writing. And way too much TV. Did I mention a good game of Poker? And listening to great music while doing any the above.

Favorite Movies

Princess Bride - All Time Favorite

Favorite TV Series

Too many to list - so - the obligatory Firefly

Favorite Books

The Malazan Books of the Fallen - Though I started writing long before I encountered this great series, it has the feel of where I always want to travel when I write. Maybe someday I'll catch a glimpse of those lofty shores.

Favorite Writers

Steven Erikson (See the above-mentioned series), Peter F. Hamilton, Frank Herbert, Tad Williams, Robert Jordan, and strangely, some of Aleister Crowley short stories for the vivid imagination. Anymore, I read far more nonfiction than fiction. Honorable Mention: Just discovered Lois McMaster Bujold from a friend. Working my way through her books and she is moving up on the list.

Favorite Games

Poker. Roleplaying: Whatever set of rules we are currently using. Favorite all time: West End Games Star Wars System. Favorite non RPG board games: Settlers of Catan - with all our many house rules. And Twilight Imperium.