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Nijoloblob | Member Since 28 Jul, 2018
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Hi, I'm known online by either Nijoloblob (Nij, for short) or BasicallyAMarshWiggle (but you can call me Mr Wiggle, if you feel like being especially formal). I'm a youngish guy from Australia that constantly finds himself thinking: "This story would be so much better if...", and then including it as a part of a plot in my worlds somewhere.

Favorite TV Series

Series? Well, I find myself coming back regularly to the Star Wars series, especially if my beloved Mandalorians are involved. I'm also a budding Trekkie, but I'll see how that pans out in the years to come.

Favorite Books

Really enjoy Terry Pratchett's series - the Tiffany Aching books would probably be my favourites.

Favorite Games

So many. TTRPGs are a current favourite of mine and (like so many others) is what inspired me to set up a worldanvil page where I can micromanage the lore, characters, locations and how it all fits together!