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Mark McKinnon

Mark McKinnon | Member Since 14 Sep, 2018
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Amateur Storyteller, Builder of Imaginary Worlds, Forger of the Imagination. Soldier, Patriot, Father. Finance to an Amazing Lady. Privileged to be a part of this Community. I love Southern Food and Travel. I am working on finding my way into the monetize world of creative endeavors. Please reach out to me I am looking to form a community of friends and support.

Interests & Hobbies

World Building, TTRPG, History, Southern Culture, Military Technology, American Politics, Writing, Leadership

Favorite Movies

300; Mr Smith Goes to Washington; Dune; Clear and Present Danger; Patriot Games; Hunt for Red October; Heartbreak Ridge; The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance; Ballad of the Green Beret; Tora, Tora, Tora; Rambo; McLintock; Original Star Wars Trilogy; Mississippi Burning;

Favorite TV Series

Stargate: Atlantis; Warehouse 13; The Unit; Game of Thrones; House of Cards; Law and Order; Law and Order: SVU; A Team; Quantum Leap; Airwolf

Favorite Books

The Bible; Dune; The Guns of the South; Summer of My German Soldier; Red Storm Rising; Rainbow Six; Without Remorse; The Art of War; Wealth of Nations; Jurassic Park; The Book of the Five Rings

Favorite Writers

Tom Clancy; Harry Turtledove; JRR Tolkien; George RR Martin; Erwin Rommel

Favorite Games

Mage the Ascension; Stratego; Chess; Axis and Allies; Diplomacy; Pandemic