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Favorite Movies

Batman movies (Keaton through Bale) Justice League Aquaman Wonder Woman Shazam! Swamp Thing and Return of Swamp Thing Fifth Element Strange Magic Star Wars Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them eEnom Pirates of the Caribbean the MCU movie series Minions Suicide Squad Willow Labyrinth The Dark Crystal MirrorMask Paddington & Paddington 2 Day and Knight Back to the Future Back to the Future 3 Tombstone Posse Men In Black (all 4) Addams' Family, Addams' Family Values, and Addams' Family Reunion Jumanji (all films so far) The Fisher King Disney Animated Movies, just all of them Stranger Than Fiction Shadowbuilder

Favorite TV Series

Rick and Morty Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Disney+) Warrior Nun The Tick (all 3 series) Wild Wild West Xena Warrior Princess Jack of All Trades He-Man She-Ra


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