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Trek | Member Since 20 Jan, 2019
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Favorite Movies

The Dark Knight, Patton, Flash Gordon, Karate Kid, LotR series, Star Wars series (everything except TLJ), Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, almost all the Marvel movies

Favorite TV Series

Parks and Rec, Cobra Kai, Gundam (like all of them), Letterkenny, Naruto, Bleach,

Favorite Books

Dune, The Wheel of Time

Favorite Writers

Brandon Sanderson

Favorite Games

Battlefield 4, Cod (most of them), Darksouls / Bloodborne series, Ace Combat, Monster Hunter, The Arkham series, Skyrim, The Uncharted series, Dishonored, R6 Siege, Dragon Quest, Knights of the Old Republic, The Old Republic, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires


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