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Brigid Glass | Member Since 25 Apr, 2018
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I’ve been going by Kerynean as my art handle, but I’ve been writing just as long as I’ve been painting. Brigid Glass is my brand new pen name that I plan to (hopefully) publish under when the time comes - until now it’s a nice catch-all for my writing oriented content.   I’ve been writing novel-length projects since I was 11, and although I had my aspirations set on becoming some young teen prodigy author before I was finished with high school (true story, I have a future timeline we did as a class project when I was 12 and it’s all laid out, complete with the movie deals) - mental illness derailed my life for quite some time. I was diagnosed with chronic depression and anxiety at age 16 and have been in constant recovery since, though I’m arguably in remission at this point I’m happy to say. It is highly suspected that the root of my condition was caused by having un-diagnosed female aspergers/high functioning autism which affected my childhood and outlook on life.   Despite all this, I have persisted and although at times writing has been a source of a lot of stress I feel that I’m finally bouncing back enough to share a little of what I’m working on! I hope that maybe my work and this writeblr can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for others going through difficulties with mental illness.   Write on!

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