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John Rivers | Member Since 29 Aug, 2018
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19 Dec, 2018 17:26

Sister's math book? Seriously?

@ Johnatron3000
John Rivers
19 Dec, 2018 20:12

Her name is Sarah, and she never actually used the notebook, but she wrote her name at the top. I still use it!

Hey ya'll, I'm 16 and currently in 11th grade. I spend most of my time at home doing school, taking care of kids (i have five siblings) or on my computer. I'm homeschooled, I run marathons, I write some sci fi, and I play a lot of games. My favorites are Factorio, Kerbal Space Program, and Rimworld.    My first world, Saramoth, was inspired by an RPG I tried to play with some friends, but it fell through. I've been working pretty consistently on Humanity 2.0 since July, when I wrote my first short story over 10K words for a challenge here. Most of Humanity 2.0 is built from of that story.



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