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Jarana | Member Since 15 Feb, 2018
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Favorite Movies

Uhhh there are so much...

    • Narnia (favourit would be Prince Caspian)
    • Valerian
  • The Avengers (and related stuff)
  • Favorite TV Series

    There are even more than movies...

      • Criminal Minds
      • The Mentalist
      • Arrow
      • Bones
      • Sherlock
      • Doctor Who
  • Elementary
  • Favorite Books

    Oh gosh, don't get me started...

      • Narnia (first on the list is definetly The voyage of the Dawntreader)
      • Harry Potter
      • Six of Crows / The croocked kingdom
      • Whisper K├Ânigin der Diebe
      • Percy Jackson (+ related stuff)
      • The darkest part of the forest
  • and many more XD
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