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Hayley Gross | Member Since 31 Mar, 2020
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Hello Everyone!   I'm Hayley Gross. I'm a shyly attempting fiction writer and lover of history. I have my Bachelor of Science in History and also studied Anthropology at university. History and Anthropology play a big part of story writing and world building, and I hope it shines through.    Zaygel (Zei/g/el)    Is a world I have been creating since 2016 for a novel I started in the same year, called Bargain of Bones. I have since found that Bargain, may be the middle entry in a three book series.     Zaygel is a world that is heavily inspired by the Roman Republic aesthetically and organizationally. The Deities, cultural practices, and magic are my own creation. I hope you enjoy exploring Zaygel I have been really enjoying it's creation and with World Anvil tools and organization help I feel more confident. Happy world building and fountains of inspiration to all. Thank you for your visit!   Hayley ^_^

Interests & Hobbies

History, writing historical fiction, Table Top Role Playing Games, knitting, spinning yarn, weaving, drawing, photoshop coloring, research, law, historical re-enactment, driving, horse-back riding,

Favorite Movies

The Lord of the Rings Movies, A Knight's Tale, Gangs of New York, Bohemian Rhapsody, Brassed Off, Billy Elliot, Braveheart. Highlander, Gladiator, The Last Unicorn, Mulan, Star Wars, Star Wars Prequels, Splash, Somewhere in Time, Time After Time, Ever After, Rob Roy, The Aviator,

Favorite TV Series

Rome, Star Trek, Star Wars Clone Wars, Supernatural, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, Power Puff Girls, Downton Abbey, Broadchurch

Favorite Books

Lord of the Rings, Dune Chronicles, The Stand, The Dark Tower Series, The Mistborn Trilogy, Lord of the Flies, All Quiet of the Western Front, Catcher in the Rye, The Harry Potter series, Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy), The Midwife's Apprentice, Catherine, Called Birdy, Matilda Bone, The Pony Pals books, The Elysian Prophecy, Frankenstein,

Favorite Writers

William Golding, Frank Herbert, Stephen King, Karen Cushman, Vivien Reis, Laurie J Marks, Octavia E Butler, Kurt Vonnegut, Iris Yang, Kentaro Miura, Hiromu Arakawa,

Favorite Games

Darkest Dungeon, Theme Hospital, Diablo 2, Rifts,