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Michaella Ryan Quinn

Member Since: 21 Aug, 2018


I'm an archaeologist of the Near Eastern Bronze Age and cultural anthropologist by trade; I'm a writer/artist/game designer by hobby (but trying to make it a career). All in all, I'm just your average vegetarian, hippie, Canaanite polytheist, feminist, socialist, polyamorous, nonbinary transgirl. ;)   Pronouns: ge/ger/geir** (or she/her if you forget)   **hard "g" and rhymes with she/her/their -- usage example: "That's geir book; ge wrote it. You should totally get ger to sign it!"   –––––––––––––––––––––   Professional/Academic Background:

  • Archaeology – experimental archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, archaeogastronomy, and archaeolinguistics
    • Focus on Late Neolithic through Iron Age, primarily in the Ancient Near East; cultures including the Canaanites, Akkadians (as well as Assyrians and Babylonians), Hittites, Hurrians, Urartians, Eblaites, Amorites, Egyptians (primarily Old Kingdom through Second Intermediate Period), Ugaritians, and Elamites
  • Cultural Anthropology – ethnology, anthropology of religion, gastroanthropology, and ethnobotany
  • Evolutionary Anthropology

Favorite Games

Video: The Witcher series, the Mass Effect series, the Dragon Age series, The Last of Us, Life is Strange ------ Tabletop: Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, Ricochet Robots, Raiders of the North Sea

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