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Johanus Haidner | Member Since 8 Feb, 2019
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Catalina of Datova

Talia Cavebear

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Creator of Mythic Hero RPG, Johanus enjoys writing, painting, drawing, sculpting... well, all art, and continuing to build the Mythic Hero system, with add-ons and supplements (like "Mythic Times", a magazine dedicated to Mythic Hero and roleplaying), including the world of Lainshoa.   He started Mythic Hero in 1987 and had it first play-tested at Calcon back in the 1980's. Finally, after sitting on a shelf for well over 20 years, he published the original release in 2014. It has since be re-edited and released on DriveThruRPG and will soon be available in other outlets. This and teaching HEMA are Johanus' biggest loves outside of his family.

Interests & Hobbies

Scrambling, HEMA and WMA, hiking, ultimate Frisbee, reading, writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, making armour

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Adaon of Datova

Ivan Thurisaz

Saiya Nightengale

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Catalina of Datova

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