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Harry Reahl | Member Since 10 Jun, 2018
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21 Jun, 2018 17:49

D&D player, and on and off DM for 39 years. Small settings, embellished modules, or different eras of existing worlds were used.   WorldAnvil has inspired me to give grand world construction a go, while preparing to DM a campaign in D&D 5e. The challenge is to have enough, avoiding the trap of just building and never playing!   Harry


Ahhh, this is where this goes!   I've been role-playing and occasionally DM'ing for nearly 40 years. Most of that time has been in other peoples worlds, or my small part of their worlds. World Anvil has come along at just the right time: crafting a new world for a campaign using D&D 5e.   Many thanks to Guy Sclander (How to be a Great Game Master & Bacon RPG) for introducing WorldAnvil on his videos, and his new video series; as always, he is The Roleplaying Font of Fair Fortune!

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Aikido, Judo, Woodworking, Medicine, Ethics, Cooking, Architecture, Technology, not in any particular order.

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Darkest Hour, Dunkirk, Incredibles, I, II. LOTR I,II, III. Star Wars series (yes, even the prequels).

Favorite TV Series

Star Trek, BSG, Twin Peaks (Classic, still getting through the new one). Dr. Who. Dark Shadows, Lost in Space (Classic, liked the Netflix version).

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Uplift Series, Dune Series (Classic and New), LOTR, Hobbit, Sillmarillion, Harry Potter Series.

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Brin, Tolkien, Herbert, Herbert JR,

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