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Hi yall :D I am Flora Silve, aka Grise, a digital artist from France. I work in the industry of cinema and video games, and I am truly passionate about worldbuilding. Veilands (Les Voileterres) is a huge project that I try to develop whenever I have some free time. Maybe it will become something bigger one day, but for now, it is just a place where to put everything creative I have in me - and it's the perfect excuse to produce personal illustrations and pictures.   I am not alone on this project, as some friends have joined me in the Veilands Adventure. You may see their pictures on the page, or read some of their articles, but you won't see the tremendous help they are on discord by giving advice and opinion on every idea, and contributing with their own. I am truly grateful for that!   For now, Veilands exists only in French, but we plan on translating it in English... in the future o_o Stay tunned.


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