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Flagnarb Spaghettio | Member Since 1 Jul, 2018
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Hello human lifeforms of Earth! My name is Flagnarb, but you can call me Flag for short! (Or Delta, as my friends know me, haha!) I'm an optimistic-but-chaotic world-builder who honestly has about five stories for every one I should be working on, but it suits me just fine! Most of my work is soft-serve sci-fi, but I have a few fantasy, high fantasy, and "what the flagnarb were you smoking" fantasy worlds as well!!   The two I've decided to work on here are "MustardVerse", which is my "hey let's see how much I can shove into one universe before I descend into madness", and "Mensmundi", a surreal world based on thought and ideals instead of fact and matter!

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