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Larry Hamilton | Member Since 12 Feb, 2018
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I am a long-time gamer. I started with the Holmes Blue Box set of “Basic D&D” that only went to third level, back in March or April, 1977. I then moved on to AD&D, anxiously waiting as each book was released, reading every word as quickly as possible.   Now I play on Roll20 and at conventions. I have GMd on Roll20 for a few years now, and have GMd at most conventions I attend.   I also played & GM’d Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World. Other TSR offerings were Boot Hill, Gangbusters, Top Secret, and others. I played Traveller, and bought Mega-Traveller, but never got a first game/campaign organized.   NOTE: Copyright (c) 2019 by Lawrence M. Hamilton, Jr. All Rights Reserved except those rights WorldAnvil needs for me to use the service. Direct Message me if you'd like to make an arrangement to use any of my writing.

Favorite Movies

Prince Bride, Wrath of Khan,

Favorite TV Series

Star Trek, Black Carbon,

Favorite Writers

Alan Dean Foster,

Favorite Games

D&D, Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, Top Secret, Gang Busters, Boot Hill, DCC

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