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@ ErmineFernsby
Ermine Alien

Member Since: 15 Sep, 2019

Waddup, I'm Ermine, I'm fourteen, and I never fuckin learned how to read.

Interests & Hobbies

Roleplaying, Writing, Art

Favorite Movies

A Silent Voice(2016) The End of Evangelion (1997) Better off Dead (1985) Heathers (1988) Carrie (1976) The Princess Bride (1973)

Favorite TV Series

The Promised Neverland Evangelion My Hero Academia Homestuck Made in Abyss Darling in the Franxx (The ending sucked but Zero Two is bae) She-Ra (2018) Violet Evergarden

Favorite Books

Harry Potter Percy Jackson I used to dig Warriors idk (It got rlly sexist and made me mad)

Favorite Writers

Andrew Hussie

Favorite Games