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Western Calbria

Eastern Calbria

The Chart of Rights.

  • Works with multiple languages => Makes a lot of mistakes.
  • Main world(s) is in development over half of Dregos lifespawn => Refuses to write that one down. (Too much of Dregos to expose publically. Born with Dregos. Dies with Dregos.)
  • Starts playing a game => Gets an idea for yet another world, which this time is actually written down right away.
  • Has a night of worldbuilding videos and a lot of sponsors are mentioned in them => Joins this site with the aim of developing the new world.
  • Is a univeristy student in the last year of the degree => Will spend the 'procrastinating that thesis work time' on the multiple worlds including this one. (Maybe..)
  • Is probably listening to music on Youtube => Is actually imagining things relating to THE world.